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About Us

This movie was the brainchild of David Siracusa who saw conflict amongst life long friends and family everywhere he looked in 2020.  People in the United States just didn't seem capable of getting along any longer as the events of the year tore the country asunder.  From riots to mask mandates to lockdowns and police reform, division seemed impossible to avoid.  And with the help of some amazing casting directors, Karlie Loland and Juliet Reeves, the project came together at a time when David felt that our country needed to be reminded that social media is not in fact reality.


Thank you to everyone who has been involved in this project.  From the original director, Josiah Schrieber, and all of the actors who helped create the proof of concept trailer, all the way up to our amazing current cast and crew who have made this movie a reality.  





David Siracusa

Executive Producer, Producer, Writer, Actor

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