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The Uncivil War - America Divided

Tom and Byron have been best friends since childhood.  Through forty years of friendship, they have experienced just about everything together.  But that was before Derek Chauvin knelt on the neck of George Floyd as Floyd resisted arrest and Chauvin took his life.
Tom is white, Byron is black.  But that shouldn't matter when they begin discussing the case, should it?  After all, facts are facts.
Or are they?
What starts out as a simple conversation between two buddies discussing the case quickly escalates when their families and businesses are threatened.  Will both men stick to their guns when their livelihoods and loved ones are at stake?
In the year 2020, in a country that seems to hate itself, what chance could these two men stand at remaining friends?  What chance did any of us have?

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We are very pleased to announce that
The Uncivil War - America Divided

has received a rating of 12 and up from the
Indie Film Classification Service.

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